Your label, your way,
made to order!!

Made to Order!

Artesian Well, Made to Order Division offers custom labels to events and causes of every shape, size, need, and in almost limitless quantities.

Pick your purpose, cause, celebration, event, design or submit your label, and we’ll contact you to take care of the rest. Average turnaround from the day you submit your label to product deliver is 14 days; sometimes it can be done in less time, just call us to find out.

Here's some examples:


Artesian Well Custom LabelsWho doesn’t need water in those big, dry convention centers?

It’s your opportunity to get your message out in front of everyone! Our customers have loved having their message get carried around the entire convention and in front of the competitors’ booths. You have an entire label which can act as your brochure, call attention to your website, share the cause or focus of the expo, provide tips, or just show off your logo!

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Sharing your story is half the battle with fundraising. So, share your story with your own custom label bottled water from Artesian Well, Made to Order Division. You will find your attendees walking around with your water, taking time to look at it and read it because it is different. It’s a way to be interactive without a computer!

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Fairs & Festivals

Artesian Well Custom LabelsAlmost every town has a fair, festival, or celebration of some sort on an annual or bi-annual basis. Usually, these festivals are put on to bring attention and business to the community. What if you could sell water with a message about your community that might help bring business to you again throughout the year.

An appropriately designed label on your own bottle of water has proven to have this capability. Design yours now.

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Large Events (1,000 to 1,000,000,000,000 attendees)

Like our range in attendees? Well, we mean it. You may have to give us a little longer to produce 1,000,000,000,000 bottles of water, but we’ll get it done in time for your event. Whether you are planning your annual non-profit 5K run or your town festival, we’ll take care of you.

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Artesian Well Custom LabelsHigh school, college, it doesn’t matter. Graduation signifies a substantial achievement in a personal journey. Sure, they might get embarrassed if their face is on every bottle of water, but they’re lying if they say they aren’t flattered. So, show off the graduate all throughout the celebration by getting them their very own water.

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If you’re running or helping someone run for political office, you know how difficult it is to get in front of the voter. Well, everyone drinks water. And, as long as every political candidate in your area doesn’t have their own water, this is a surefire way to get you or your candidates face and name in front of the voters!

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Sporting Events

Artesian Well Custom LabelsIs it homecoming or a big playoff game? State championship, perhaps? Whatever the occasion, make it unforgettable with bottled water with your very own custom designed label and message.

Go Tigers! View some label examples!


Reunions are such a fun time, a time to share stories and memories of days gone by. Photos are often shared as well. Create a label for your reunion and quench their thirsts in an unforgettable fashion. You could even put some of those humiliating photos on a label for some guaranteed laughs!

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Schools & Churches

Artesian Well Custom LabelsSchool pride is big in every community. Spirit is big in every church. So show off your school or church spirit by creating your own bottled water. You choose the message and the drinker of the water is almost forced to read/see it. A perfect match.

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Small Business

Talk about customer service and what they can expect Every business needs marketing. Do your customers need water? What a match! You can market to your customer while giving them something they wanted anyway. It may be a whole lot more effective than those brochures you spend thousands on each year.

Design your label to communicate your message. Remember to change it up every now and then to keep it Well with your customer.

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Artesian Well Custom LabelsIt’s the biggest day of your life! The most special. And, the one every guest will remember for a long time to come. Make your day even more your own with custom labeled bottled water. It’s certainly not something you see everyday!

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